Roman Road Networks

In short

  • How did the infrastructure of the Roman transport system and the limitations imposed by physical geography and transport technology structure Roman trade and information flows?
  • How did the physical transport network structure the flow of information current in an interdependent commercial social network, and what social network structures could mitigate the limitations of the transport system?
  • Aim: Evaluate the impact of the Roman transport system (infrastructure, geography, technology) on the flow of commercial information current in interdependent social networks.
  • Method: refining and analysing current knowledge of the Roman transport system, study transport network change, conceptualization of interdependency between transport network and commercial social networks, simulation of flow of goods and information over interdependent transport and social networks
  • A collaboration between Dr. Tom Brughmans, Prof. Albert Diaz Guilera, Dr. Luce Prignano ¬†and Ignacio Morer (Faculty of Physics, University of Barcelona).